Welcome to the Cryptocave.

The Cryptocave are places in the world where Busimatch members can meet people that likes to know more about crypto while you drink, eat or just make some fun. The first Cryptocave is in Belgium and the workshops are given in Dutch ( Otherwise is possible ( English & French ))

Cryptocave rules.

Follow these rules so everyone can enjoy.

FOR NEW PEOPLE ( first time )

  1. Make an account on and add your info + picture.
  2. Click here to choose the date.
  3. Subscribe to the Workshop.


  1. Click here to choose the date.
  2. Subscribe to the Workshop.

The day of the workshop:

  1. You are welcome 15 minutes before start in the waiting room.
  2. The workshop is free, but only when your account is made you can enjoy the workshop.
  3. You get a sticker with your name. ( put this on your chest )
  4. Once everyone is in, the doors close for the whole workshop.
  5. Yes, if you are too late, you are not allowed on this date, we are very strict in this.
Rules in the workshops.

Workshops are divides in two parts.

The first hour is our presentation. ( We have 3 presentations )

  1. Busimatch and your Profile
  2. Blockchain, Crypto ( Bitcoin & Altcoins ) , Security, ect...
  3. Basic trading, projects such as Cryptotab, Sphynx, ect...

PAUZE ( you can buy drinks and food with your Bt Tokens )

The second hour begins with multiple choice questions.

Additional Rules.
  1. Don't bring your own food or drinks.( You can buy with Bt tokens )
  2. Your minimum age is 18yo.
  3. You can buy a workshop book for 50Bt tokens. ( this is a must )
  4. You can buy Merch after the Workshops. ( In Bt tokens )
  5. Giving ideas is allowed, shilling your projects is not.
  6. You need a Smartphone & Laptop for the best experience.
  7. Use the affiliate links of Busimatch. ( e.g. )
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