Here you can buy & trade Crypto safely. They are ranked best first.
Binance trading, the largest trading platform. They have their own blockchain and coin, (the BNB) You can strike and they participate in most airdrops. All coins are stored in cold wallets. is an American exchange with its own currency. The CRO, you get a discount if you trade and have this coin in your possession. also has several Visa cards that are free, you also get a lot of extras. (Owning Cros is a must.)
Litebit, Dutch website, not really made for trading? Support can be done by phone if there is a problem., the best trading page for small crypto coins, many gems were born here before going to larger exchanges, ie x100 coins.
Kucoin, based in Hong Kong, the nice thing is that it is possible to have 4 charts on the trade page.
Bitvavo, Dutch support, this exchange is located in the Netherlands. The most important crypto coins are available.
Hotbit, small coins where some gems have become very large, The place where this exchange is Singapore.
Coinbase, Oldest US Exchange, Regulated. Fairly expensive, they don't have all crypto coins either.