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Question: @dev why make block time 15 second? As we can see bsc blocktime 3 second?
Answer: To avoid unwanted problems in the validation

Question: that possible 100k tps with blocktime more than bsc?
Answer: Yes, POA is much faster than POS

Question: And one more: can you change chain id to new one not use bsc id 56,97 ?
Answer: This is our ChainID: 32520

Question: Available Resources
Mainnet (ChainID 0x38, 56 in decimal)
NCRPC Endpoints:
Note that i got from documentation
Answer: We will check it

Question: really? i see on website rpc and chain id same as bsc?
Answer: Check the documentation

Question: Are you taking applications for validators or will it remain in house?
Answer: Yes

Question: Hi Gert, same rules will be on BEP and BRC chains? mostly intrested in buy/sell fee, marketing and burning.
Bridge between BEP and BRC will have fee?
Answer: Bridging will still have a fee, because the BEP20 tokens still need to be transferred to make a transaction.

Question: Gert random question super random.
You may not have heard of this or you might have but Elon is throwing a satellite up in space for faster transactions speeds and lower fees
around June or July for crypto. Will this help us or is this competition for us?
Answer: No idea about that

Question: Gert, someone posted on Reddit saying the chain is the same as nexdax and the text is word for word too?
How come this is the same? I’m just curious
Answer: We used blockscout, which is a open source tool used to read blockchain data, so that causes confusion.
If you check BScscan and EThscan they both have similar designs, so it has nothing to do with our core files

Question: Hi Gert, same rules will be on BEP and BRC chains? mostly intrested in buy/sell fee,
marketing and burning. Bridg between BEP and BRC will have fee?
Answer: Bridging will still have a fee, because the BEP20 tokens still need to be transferred to make a transaction

Question: Do you have a timeframe for when we can see new projects of others being released on BRC20?
Answer: A month maximum, already in discussions with some DEX, after DEX we can see some new projects on our chain

Question: Does staking will be transfered to BRC or it will be on BEP and BRC?
Answer: it will be in BEP20 until we have got our chain integrated on DEXs

Question: Hi Gert are there any plans in the future to speed up on burning cir. Supply.?
Answer: Burn won't help in price much, adoption is the most important now, which we are working.
You can search about types of smart contracts.

Question: What do you mean by adoption?
Answer: New projects deploying smart contracts on our chain and making BRISE pair with their token

Question: Are you going to create a Debit Card for this project?
Answer: No plans for now, focusing much on advanced products

Question: In some time there will be complete move to BRC chain and abandoning BEP, or BEP will exist anyway?
Answer: Both will exists forever, No harm in keeping both.

Question: How many coins do you reckon could be burned by the end of this year with all the upcoming projects?
Answer: Burn is not as important as adoption. Any project that list on our chain, if grows by 5m USD marketcap, that market cap will be added to BRISE.

Question: Roadmap V2 release?
Answer: After integrating our chain on few DEX, We're in disucssion with Raydium, which is most popular DEX for Solana

Question: Gert you posted something about binance coming soon last week, when should we expect that?
Answer: We will announce once it's official.

Question: gert how much brise need to start validator node? we got reward like bsc ? for dpos?
Answer: POA doesn't need BRISE staking

Question: yo @gertsanem , will you ever remove dex tax? thanks
Answer: Not on BEP20, Yes on Bitgert Chain

Question: Are you planning to get brise listed on binance too?
Answer: Yes

Question: Did you expect GateIO listing will backfire at us in terms of market cap ?
What are the plans to recover from it and going back to moon again?
Answer: Usually it happens on every new exchange listing, so it's common. After some time it stabilize.

Question: Is it essential to add BRC 20 to our wallets?What would be the use of adding BRC 20?
Answer: After a Bridge is launched, you can swap BEP20 BRISE to Bitgert Chain BRISE

Question: any planning add brc20 chain trust wallet
Answer: Yes, will be added soon

Question: Ok thanks, how do I add BRC20 on trust wallet?
Answer: You can add Bitgert chain on Metamask for now

Question: if i transfer Brise token from Gate to MetaMask, should I choose BSC or BRC to transfer tokens, thanks!
Answer: BSC for now

Question: What happens to holders of bsc 20 now should we keep holding wen bridge is done or convert to brc 20
Answer: No need to convert, Our coin will exist on both networks.

Question: @gertsanem what are the main advantages compared to other POA chains
Answer: You can read the documentation and compare.

Question: Exchanges will migrate automatically BEP20 to BRC20??
Answer: Exchanges will allow both chains for deposit and withdrawals soon

Question: Hi gert is blockchain going to play a part on burning system?
Answer: Yes

Question: Transfer tax will be apply in BRC20 chain too or it will remove?
Answer: Zero tax on Bitgert chain. Bridging will have a fee (read Q.7)

Question: Gert what are 10 products
Answer: Will be updated on our roadmap v2.0

Question: hi gert brc 20 chain any new project come how much marketcap added
Answer: Yes, once we have our chain integrated on DEX

Question: When do you think the brc Blockchain will start functioning completely ?
Answer: It's already fully functional, to create transactions we need to be listed on DEX, which we are already working on.

Question: What are the advantages of moving tokens from BSC to Bride blockchain? And how will any such movement benefit the current holders on BSC
Answer: Plenty, Because we offer strategic marketing plans for the projects and i personally help them in growing.

Question: There are many products running but marketcap is not growing ….any plans to boost marketcap to billion dollar?
Answer: It was at 80m USD weeks ago now sitting at 135m USD, It grows by time.

Question: Can we create BRC20 wallet addresses now?
Answer: Yes

Question: Would there be a bridge built for migration from BSC or is it already existing..
Answer: there will be a bridge but migration is not required, Our coin will exist on both networks.

Question: How will you avoid rugpull project that is built in on brisechain?
Answer: Same way as BSC or ETH does.

Question: @gertsanem in future Is there any supply burning utilities .utilities that burn the supply .which can reduce our supply
Answer: supply burn by time, adoption is most important as i said before.
My predictions are we might do 100x from here in very short period

Question: Gert, Does it make sense to continue to buy using pancake swap or should we’re purchase once BRC 20 is available?
Answer: You can purchase on both

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