Who is Busimatch made for?

Busimatch is made for people responsible for:
Advertising design & promoting
-A future own business
- Own business
-A hobby
-An MLM company
-A club or association
-Bloggers and vloggers
-Content Writers
-Affiliate marketers
-Product creators
-E-commerce shoppers
-Customer list gatherers
- Authors
-Parents who want to work from home
-People who are retired
-In short, anyone who wants to make money (online).

Busimatch is PRO Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.
Because this is the future.

Why should you use busimatch?

We think Linkedin is still falling short and want to do better.
Busimatch will assist you in everything related to promoting your business.
You will learn what is available on the market of Software, courses and graphics.
We have the most clear and comprehensive profile.
Non-members can also see your profile and you choose what non-members can see from your profile.
Every time you do something on Busimatch such as blogging or commenting on products, you will receive B-coins to buy nice products in our stores.
We regularly buy products with resale licenses that you would have to pay the full price elsewhere.

What are the Busimatch stores?

There are 3 stores full of products that you can pay with B-coins.
You can find these shops on the website by clicking on Busimatch shops.
The more you do on Busimatch, the more B-coins you earn.

What is a full profile?

Your profile is worth its weight in gold.
Anyone who visits your account can see it.
Think of it as an extension of your business card that you can always customize.
With other social media websites, visitors must also have an account.
We do not participate in this ... with us everyone sees your profile, even non members

You decide what people see. Every block on your profile can be switched on and off.
This can be done by clicking on the golden key in the right corner.

A full profile is recommended on Busimatch.
We like a profile that is up to date.
By the way, it is an extension of your business card.

What does a full profile look like.
1. A clear picture of yourself.
2. A photo or design of what is on your mind at the top of your profile.
3. A brief description of what you are doing.
4. A link to your website.
5. Without writing errors.

Your profile is an extension of your business card, keep it in mind!
Click here to go to a full profile.