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1. What is BRC20?The Bitgert project is one of the few projects that are using advanced mining protocols that offer faster and cheaper transactions while at the same time keeping the network more secure. The Bitgert blockchain uses the Proof-of-Authority consensus (PoA), which has enabled the network to reach 100,000 TPS. This is a consensus mechan
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EnglishQuestion: When binance and kucoin Answer: Be patient, It will come at the right time.Question: We as your loyal holders, will keep the faith for the project you started and will be here till whereever it goesAnswer: Need more strong supporters like you (TUNA DINC), this is the reason Bitgert has come so far. Question: How are you BOSSAnswer
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Question: @dev why make block time 15 second? As we can see bsc blocktime 3 second?Answer: To avoid unwanted problems in the validation Question: that possible 100k tps with blocktime more than bsc?Answer: Yes, POA is much faster than POS Question: And one more: can you change chain id to new one not use bsc id 56,97 ?Answer: This is our ChainID:
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Question: Gert. Any manual burn plan for briseAnswer: NO Question: Is any chance to have the new Road map avaliable before reach 100k Holders?Answer: Yes, might be possible. Question: last year you mentioned 500Mcap end of 2021 but doesn't come true, what is your expectation by end of february this year?Answer: We predict on our development basis
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$brise ( is nu partnering met  Our community members can do the following things after listed: ✅ Create Invoice & payment link to accept BRISE as payment ✅ Integrate Nowpayments plugin into your website to accept BRISE as payment ✅ Offer subscriptions & accept BRISE as payment
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Safemoon Operation Phoenix is ongoing Bitgert zero gas fee blockchain is launching in 2022 Bitgert (BRISE) centralized exchange to launch in Q1 Safemoon and Bitgert (BRISE) are two DeFi projects to watch in 2022. In fact, these are two crypto projects projected to be among the top cryptocurrencies of 2022. Both projects launched in 2021, but S
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Key Points: Bitgert team is doxxing soon The team is registering a legal entity soon Exchange and blockchain launching soon New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - December 17, 2021) - Bitgert (BRISE), a DeFi protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain, has been the talk of the crypto market for the last few months.
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