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Do we need banks?Of course not... We need DEFI...Lonzo ( the CEO of Sphynxlabs )  will do an Video AMA in the SPHYNXLABS TELEGRAM GROUP.Be there if you want to be a part of the Sphynxlabs Story.He will make 5 new announcements so be there.And while you are there, Grab some Sphynx/brc because the Sphynxchain is coming.You never know what gonna happe
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EnglishQuestion: When binance and kucoin Answer: Be patient, It will come at the right time.Question: We as your loyal holders, will keep the faith for the project you started and will be here till whereever it goesAnswer: Need more strong supporters like you (TUNA DINC), this is the reason Bitgert has come so far. Question: How are you BOSSAnswer
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Question: @dev why make block time 15 second? As we can see bsc blocktime 3 second?Answer: To avoid unwanted problems in the validation Question: that possible 100k tps with blocktime more than bsc?Answer: Yes, POA is much faster than POS Question: And one more: can you change chain id to new one not use bsc id 56,97 ?Answer: This is our ChainID:
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Question: Gert. Any manual burn plan for briseAnswer: NO Question: Is any chance to have the new Road map avaliable before reach 100k Holders?Answer: Yes, might be possible. Question: last year you mentioned 500Mcap end of 2021 but doesn't come true, what is your expectation by end of february this year?Answer: We predict on our development basis
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Ik hou van Busimatch want ik ben een professional !!!
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