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The hyper pools consist of different assets that can be staked.Assets refers to any kind of crypto asset that can be staked in the pool: - LP tokens (level 1)- Sphynx tokens (level 2)- Scion NFTs (level 3)- Aegis NFTs (level 4) To stake assets in the pool, find the corresponding hyper pool you want to stake inand follow the instructions below in
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DISCLAIMER: Creating pair LP involves a risk of impermanent loss and will incur contract tax along the process of pairing and unpairing.It is strongly advised to do research on impermanent loss before proceeding with the next steps. Step 1: Go to the Sphynx Labs dApp and switch to the chain you wish to create LP on. Step 2: Go to the “Chart” page
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Ik hou van Busimatch want ik ben een professional !!!
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