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Wahid Pessarlay   Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) are pitching plans for anoffline central bank digital currency (CBDC) to banking regulators around the globe. The BIS, in its design guide for offline CBDCs, described the functionality as a “complex undertaking”requiring extreme diligence by cen
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@ethereum was a testnet for @Bitcoin #brc20 $Sats #BitVm
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Busimatch Month "JULY" Promotion - Make an account on - Buy 16 http://scion.busimatch.lnk or - Buy 9 Send me a message ( ) Give me your address of delivery and i send you: - 1 Ledger Nano S - 1 Sphynx T-Shirt   NOTE, don't buy all in one, just save the TX fr
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Crypto is zoals een mes, een zaag, een wapen,een boormachine, een auto, enz...Het is wie het gebruikt dat verantwoordelijk is voor misbruik.Niet de tool zelf... leer er mee omgaan...Morgen 10u bij mij in de cryptocave...Zonder ticket kom je niet binnen. Gratis voorlopig en Maximum 15 personen.Http://boek.b
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Nederlands: Introductie:In de afgelopen jaren heeft de opkomst van cryptocurrencies de wereld van financiën en technologie stormenderhand veroverd.Eén van deze opmerkelijke cryptocurrencies is IslamicCoin, een digitale valuta die is ontwikkeld om te voldoen aan de islamitische principes.In deze blogpost gaan we dieper in op IslamicCoin,de basispri
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Ik zag een doos met allemaal oude foto's van dingen die we in het verleden hebben gemaakt met DVC-Graphics.
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Het boek is gratis te bekijken, je kan die in Full screen zetten als je wil.Wil je ééntje in papier? Die kost 50 usdt.
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Problem: Using only Centralized Exchanges (CEX)Newcomers often struggle with CEXs like FTX or Coinbase due to their limited listings.99% crypto projects never list on a CEX.Solution & Recommendation: Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)To fully exploit crypto trading, using DEXs like PancakeSwap or UniSwap is key.Learn to use, a DeFi plat
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Someone stole 10 Brc ScionsThe good thing is that i'm not so stupid.Here the Images of the Nft's, if you see them. Let me know Please report the person if you see him.Here the conversation with the scammer. The wallet is here... Here you see the evidence and the Pics of th
Busimatch 25.04.2023 0 301

Sphynx Pay Visa Card is going live in less than 30 days.  These are the countries which Sphynx Visa will support from the start.  You will be able to create your card directly from the Sphynx DeFi App. No ID is required for a Virtual card (American/Canada can also add to Apple Pay and google pay) Our road to more masses is getting stronger as w
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PLEASE TAKE A FEW MINUTES AND GO TO THESE SITES AND ADD TO WATCHLIST AND VOTE!(You may need to create an account on some sites) CoinMarketCap⭐️ Add to watchlist (remove and add every 24h) and leave a bullish comment! Sphynx/BNB Sphynx/CRO  Geckoterminal⭐️ Add to watchlist (remove and add every 24h) - Hit
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The hyper pools consist of different assets that can be staked.Assets refers to any kind of crypto asset that can be staked in the pool: - LP tokens (level 1)- Sphynx tokens (level 2)- Scion NFTs (level 3)- Aegis NFTs (level 4) To stake assets in the pool, find the corresponding hyper pool you want to stake inand follow the instructions below in
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DISCLAIMER: Creating pair LP involves a risk of impermanent loss and will incur contract tax along the process of pairing and unpairing.It is strongly advised to do research on impermanent loss before proceeding with the next steps. Step 1: Go to the Sphynx Labs dApp and switch to the chain you wish to create LP on. Step 2: Go to the “Chart” page
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Watch this video for a detailed step by step tutorial on how to enter a hyper pool.The different parts of the tutorial are shown below with reference to a command with detailed instructions for each step. 00:06 /pairLP: How to create pair LP 01:20 /LPbridge: How to bridge LP to BSC 02:05 /NFTbridge: How to bridge Scion NFTs to BSC 04:05 /HowToS
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Hi, do you want to be safe?Not your keys, not your Crypto... First lesson...Now, A Hardware ledger cost now around 80$Via Busimatch, you can have it for half price... Delivered Worldwide.How it's work...1. When we get our Referral link ( Level 5 in the Hyperpools of Sphynx )Subscribe via the Busimatch link. ( first thing to do )2. Make an account o
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Here an explanation about the Hyperpools on   The base level of the hyper pool is liquidity (LP).There are two kinds of LP that are accepted in the hyper pools: - /bridgeLP- /pairLP Use the corresponding commands to find out how to create this LP.If you created LP on a chain other than BSC, you need to bridge this LP to BSC
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English: Banks are collapsing and those who do not adapt will have to bear the consequences.That is why DeFi exists, and if you do not (yet) know what it is, I will explain it now. DeFi is an abbreviation for "decentralized finance", which means decentralized finance.It is a financial system that is built on a decentralized blockchain technology,
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Do we need banks?Of course not... We need DEFI...Lonzo ( the CEO of Sphynxlabs )  will do an Video AMA in the SPHYNXLABS TELEGRAM GROUP.Be there if you want to be a part of the Sphynxlabs Story.He will make 5 new announcements so be there.And while you are there, Grab some Sphynx/brc because the Sphynxchain is coming.You never know what gonna happe
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Hi, @ all members of Busimatch. Busimatch is a social media website for active people that are interested in -Crypto -Innovation -Techniques -Ai -Energy -Your own business and hobbies. If you don't make your profile a nice profile. It will be deleted on the end of the month november 2020. So, what you need to do. - Add a photo of y
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Zo, Eindelijk.De eerste en grootse FUTURE OF BITCOIN CONFERENCE komt er aan.Niet minder dan 12 nationale en internationale sprekers komen praten over de toekomst van Bitcoin.Natuurlijk zal er ook plaats zijn voor andere crypto gerelateerde info.En daar komt natuurlijk Busimatch bij kijken.Wij hebben namelijk 3 tickets gekocht van 99€( één ervan hou
Busimatch 09.09.2022 0 425

Hi folks,Here it is, our own token on the blockchain.Presale is open, Click here to buy it.The token is made on the Brise blockchain. The fastest ( 100 tps )& the cheapest blockchain ever: 0.000001$ per transaction.Check the Whitepaper for more info.I will make a video of it later.Presale goes open tomorrow.Sincerely yours.The admin of Busimat
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Hi, here your Admin speaking.First of all, thank you to be a member.I hope you enjoy your free membership.If you like the content we post, please share the content to other social media.How more people are member ( even free ) how better i will make it.I can't tell much, but you will see.DidierAll ideas can be sended to me, i will li
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Auckland, New Zealand - August 20, 2022 —   With the release of the highly anticipated Sphynx Mobile App and Wallet available to download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and announcing the signing of the $50 million financing commitment with Digital Limited, Sphynx Labs has seen significant growth. The innovative Sphynx Mobile App a
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Nog een voorbeeld van daytrading vele kleine winsten maken 1 groot
bitgeert 15.08.2022 0 425

Als je dan toch moet surfen op het internet kan je best de cryptotab browser gebruiken zo verdien je er nog wat gratis bitcoins voor meer info zie link hieronder ik gebruik hem al 1 jaar en ben er zeer tevreden over en de satoshi's worden steeds correct betaald op je opgegeven wallet:  
bitgeert 15.08.2022 1 438

Cryptocurrency investors are perceived to be more attractive, smarter, and wealthier than non-investors, the latest survey by Cryptovantage has found. Just over three-quarters of respondents said they are likely to go on a date with someone if their dating app profile mentions crypto.
28.07.2022 0 446

Hi, you know how difficult referral links are.Wel, a friend gave me this website ( invitation codes ) You add all your referral links and you earn points.Looks very ok the website.I have now 9 posts, try them if you want. Each post contain a link to an interesting website. If you want to make money, subscribe.Go to the site.
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1. What is BRC20?The Bitgert project is one of the few projects that are using advanced mining protocols that offer faster and cheaper transactions while at the same time keeping the network more secure. The Bitgert blockchain uses the Proof-of-Authority consensus (PoA), which has enabled the network to reach 100,000 TPS. This is a consensus mechan
Busimatch 26.06.2022 0 783

I've been working on a new electronic cash system that's fully peer-to-peer, with no trusted third party.   The paper is available at:   The main properties:  Double-spending is prevented with a peer-to-peer network.  No mint or other trusted parties.  Participants can be anonymous.  New coins are made f
Busimatch 25.06.2022 0 476

Curious about which banks are crypto-friendly and which are not? Keep reading to learn which banks are open to a future on the blockchain.   Many people see crypto as a threat to the traditional financial industry. But surprisingly, some banks are crypto-friendly. Some big banks even allow you to buy digital assets. Whether you're looking t
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When bitcoin was expensive,all analysts shouted that it would cost even more ($100,000 and more)and then it started to fall why?Because the whales were selling to make a profit.Those who bought from these whales were those who believed in paid analysts about growth,and bitcoin kept falling and falling, and now fear overtook those who bought and the
Busimatch 13.06.2022 0 555

Hi, Busimatch will merge on the $Sphynx Blockchain and will be like the social media website http://LinkedIn.comWe want to do it more secure and you will earn our own token ( the Busimatch token = $bt ) when you share your profile.The profiles will be open, it's mean than you don't have to be a member to see the profiles.Your profile is your identi
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EnglishQuestion: When binance and kucoin Answer: Be patient, It will come at the right time.Question: We as your loyal holders, will keep the faith for the project you started and will be here till whereever it goesAnswer: Need more strong supporters like you (TUNA DINC), this is the reason Bitgert has come so far. Question: How are you BOSSAnswer
Busimatch 05.04.2022 0 623

Hi Folks, in the evening around 8pm or 20h Brussels timei will give a Youtube video About #Bitgert's $brise and the websites that are coupled on it. This is a very exciting period because Bitgert is growing very fast.Here my Youtube canal.The ama wil be in English, Dutch and French.See you soon.
Busimatch 05.04.2022 0 560

Hi Folks, in the evening around 8pm or 20h Brussels timei will give a Youtube video About #Bitgert's $brise and the websites that are coupled on it. This is a very exciting period because Bitgert is growing very fast.Here my Youtube canal.The ama wil be in English, Dutch and French.See you soon.
Busimatch 05.04.2022 0 549

Question: Brise exchange web version (beta) releasing this month?Answer: We've completed wallet integrations (BTC, ETH, BSC, DOGE) working on solana & others, So yes beta version will be live this month end. Question: How are the projects coming along for the new startup module?Answer: 60+ Established business + Startups has applied!Categories
Busimatch 21.02.2022 0 674

Question: @dev why make block time 15 second? As we can see bsc blocktime 3 second?Answer: To avoid unwanted problems in the validation Question: that possible 100k tps with blocktime more than bsc?Answer: Yes, POA is much faster than POS Question: And one more: can you change chain id to new one not use bsc id 56,97 ?Answer: This is our ChainID:
Busimatch 18.02.2022 0 781

Question: Gert. Any manual burn plan for briseAnswer: NO Question: Is any chance to have the new Road map avaliable before reach 100k Holders?Answer: Yes, might be possible. Question: last year you mentioned 500Mcap end of 2021 but doesn't come true, what is your expectation by end of february this year?Answer: We predict on our development basis
Busimatch 13.01.2022 0 817

$brise ( is nu partnering met  Our community members can do the following things after listed: ✅ Create Invoice & payment link to accept BRISE as payment ✅ Integrate Nowpayments plugin into your website to accept BRISE as payment ✅ Offer subscriptions & accept BRISE as payment
Busimatch 12.01.2022 0 774

Safemoon Operation Phoenix is ongoing Bitgert zero gas fee blockchain is launching in 2022 Bitgert (BRISE) centralized exchange to launch in Q1 Safemoon and Bitgert (BRISE) are two DeFi projects to watch in 2022. In fact, these are two crypto projects projected to be among the top cryptocurrencies of 2022. Both projects launched in 2021, but S
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English: Question: why is team information not written on the siteAnswer: It's a undoxxed project.Question: When will be the expected realese of exchangeAnswer: We will be announcing the dates of Exchange launch in next 2 daysQuestion: Gert on bscscan there is the old name yet? Are there any updates about it?Answer: It cannot be renamed on smartco
Busimatch 02.01.2022 0 740

Key Points: Bitgert team is doxxing soon The team is registering a legal entity soon Exchange and blockchain launching soon New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - December 17, 2021) - Bitgert (BRISE), a DeFi protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain, has been the talk of the crypto market for the last few months.
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Here you get a list of the best voted tokens on the Binance smart chain.
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NFT's ( non gungible token ) lang geleden zag ik er al toekomst in, zelfs voor je ze kon kopen.Je weet wel, kunstwerken, muziek en zelfs domeinnamen op de Blockchain. Als je iets ontwerpt, dan zal er bij elke verkoop een kleine% naar de maker gaan, ideaal toch? Ik heb dus een lijst gemaakt van websites waar je NFT's kan kopen,en nu begin zelfs Co
Busimatch 14.10.2021 0 709

Tot nu toe was 2021 een uitzonderlijk volatiel jaar voor de cryptomarkten, met BTC-prijzen die de $60.000 overschreden en vervolgens kelderden naar een dieptepunt van $30.000. Alleen al in mei leed Bitcoin een verlies van 37%. Tussen de tweets van Elon Musk, bezorgdheid over het milieu en Chinese regelgeving heeft de huidige crypto-bearmarkt geleid
Busimatch 05.06.2021 0 1158

Groot nieuws, wie wil kan nu via http://copytrader.busimatch.linktraden op 3 verschillende platformen ( Binance, Hitbtc & Kraken ) Soms komen er nieuwe PRO traders erbij, degene die niet de doelen behalenworden vervangen door nieuwere traders die beter presteren.Enkele voordelen van Copytrader zijn:- Je kan kiezen welke trader je neemt.- Het zi
Busimatch 17.04.2021 0 883

Beste Busimannen & -vrouwen.Vanaf vandaag heb ik beslist niet meer elke dag een livestream te geven.Het neemt zeer veel energie van mij af, dus zal ik iedereen vragen om zich in te schrijven opmijn Youtube kanaal.   Mag ik ook vragen om enkele video's te bekijken, te liken en commentaar te geven.Zodat het de algori
Busimatch 19.03.2021 0 893

Een echt gebeurd verhaal.( KLIK HIER OM HET TE BELUISTEREN IN PLAATS VAN TE LEZEN ) Proficiat als u bereid bent te luisteren wat ik u te zeggen heb en nog meer als u straks het lef hebt er iets aan te doen.Want er komen woelige tijden aan in de westerse wereld. De meeste mensen begrijpen het niet, u zult voor uw eigen toekomst kunnen zorgen. Ik z
Busimatch 09.01.2021 0 1837

De ledgers zijn binnen. Je eigen bank zijn is het belangrijkste in je leven.Onafhankelijk zijn, euro's en dollars devalueren massaal dus hier is de oplossing.Investeer voor 59€ in je eigen Zwitserse bank.Of bestel via ook de Nano X begrijp je er niks van?Kom naar een workshop wie tro
Busimatch 12.09.2020 0 943

Vanaf heden op elke bestelling van dvcgraphics.com10% korting, no matter wat je bestelling is.Als je betaalt in Bitcoin... 
Busimatch 05.09.2020 0 1122

De eerste reden is dat niet Busimatch leden ook uw profiel kunnen zien.Ik gebruik mijn Busimatch profiel als het verlengde van mijn visitekaartje.Wie een Busimatch PRO life neemt krijgt heel wat voordelen in Natura.De 2e reden is dat Grafisch veel meer mogelijk is, ik vertel...Een Busimatch profiel gebruikt Rich-html en is daardoor veel persoonlijk
Busimatch 22.08.2020 0 1126

Hey lezer,Zin om iets interessants te lezen?Waarschijnlijk heb je wel al eens gelezen over crypto's. Misschien heb je wel interesse in het aankopen van Bitcoins of andere crypto maar weet je niet waar te beginnen?Vanaf September geven we weer webinars over Busimatch en alles wat er mee te maken heeft.- Persoonlijke groei.- Design ( ontwerpen )- We
Busimatch 30.06.2019 0 1434

Bent U PRO lid van Busimatch.Dan krijgt u dubbel zoveel video's bij uw bestelling van http://video.dvcgraphics.comOp kunt u gepersonaliseerde Video's laten maken voor uw Business.Zo betaal je voor 1 Video normaalgezien 10€, maar nu krijg je ze aan 5€/stuk als je PRO lid bent.Schrijf je snel in als PRO lid als je van plan bent
Busimatch 30.11.2018 0 1291

Elke keer wij iets interessants vinden posten we dit hier in onze blog boordevol artikels.Dit kan gaan over:- Alles over Blockchaintechnologie- Alles over Cryptocurrency- Alles over DVC-Graphics- Onze 3 winkels die nieuwe producten hebben.   - Persoonlijke groei   - Alles om uw website te maken   - Graf
Busimatch 03.06.2018 0 1328