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Whitepaper V1

Hi, Busimatch will merge on the $Brise Blockchain and will be like the social media website

But it will be better, faster and you will earn our own token. (Busimatch token) ($bmt)

The profiles will be open, it's mean than you don't have to be a member to see the profiles.

Your profile is your identity and you choose what people can see.
See it as the extension of your business card.

Easy to install app on the android and Apple devices and fully Web 3.0 ready. 
So it will be possible to have your avatar for multiple metaverses. 

Follow this blogpost and add what you want.
Your earned Busimatch token or $Brise in the future.
1 brise = 4 Busimatch tokens

Here what we will add to the whitepaper.
If you have idea's? Let us know under this post.

- Step 1: September 2022 Whitepaper V1 is ready.
  Start presale on the Brise Chain: Let us know what you like most.
   -Total supply
   % For dev team and servers 
   % Burned
   % Advertising ( wich one )

-Step 2: Design of the website.  Which colors you like?
              Add what you want under this blog.

-Step 3:
   Making the Back office side. ( It must be easy to add your information )
   Connect your backoffice to the Blockchain via 12 ( Metamask) or 24 ( Ledger) word seed. 
   Everybody start with a free account, adding info like your personal info and wallet addresses = free Busimatch tokens.
   The front will reflect your back office that is on the $brise chain. ( so you cheat, you cheat only yourself )
Here you see my profile, it will be like this but on the blockchain.

-Step 4: 
  Adding the Pro accounts
  Pro accounts pay $brise or Busimatch tokens to support the dev. team and the community.
  They can make blogs and share their stories on other social media.
  The profiles in the front TELL the things they do to earn crypto or news, promoting projects, ect...
  When other users share your blogposts, you get Busimatch tokens and they get Busimatch tokens too.

-Step 5:
 Open a NFT store for Busimatch ( for avatars, crypto ourses, ect..ect
 - NFT's can be E-books, video's, pictures, designs in PSD, EPS, ECT.. So they can be sold as one or more people.
-Step 6: Pro accounts can also open their NFTstores.

-Step 7: Busimatch opens a Gig system like Fiverr. (  
             Via this i will hire people that can help us and earn $brise or us native token ( on the brise chain )

-Step 8: People with a pro account can also open a Gig store like Fiverr.

-Step 9: We will add a bridge from our token to $Bitgert coin.

-Step10: We opens a Casino game ( slots, Blackjack, ect... ) Name the games you like under the blog. 

-Step 11: Adding a metaverse ( Where Pro accounts can open a store, profiles and products are nft's, remember? )

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If you want to see the Whitepaper in Collaboard.
Just scan this QR code with your mobile.

Busimatch 28.04.2022 3 933
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  •  bitgeert: 

    Hey didi leuk idee als ik kan helpen geef maar een seintje.

    Kleuren = zachte aangename kleuren licht blauw licht groen orange enz

    de spellen voor casino zeker Roulette, poker, slots en bingo.

    grts Geert

     13.06.20221 replies1 replies 
    1 B-coin
  •  Busimatch: 

    Share here your toughts, when you do... Get $brise or native token in the future.

    0 B-coins
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Ik hou van Busimatch want ik ben een professional !!!
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