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When Bitcoin was Expensive...

When bitcoin was expensive,
all analysts shouted that it would cost even more ($100,000 and more)
and then it started to fall why?

Because the whales were selling to make a profit.
Those who bought from these whales were those who believed in paid analysts about growth,
and bitcoin kept falling and falling, and now fear overtook those who bought and they also began to sell,
but already at low levels, and at that moment the process of accumulation by the same whales began !!!

Now the situation is exactly the opposite.
But in order to buy back the volume at low levels,
the whales need much more time,
because their capital for buying is already several times larger.

Now everyone is screaming that everything will collapse even more.
I hope you already understand what is happening.

Non-professionals in a panic sell whales slowly fill their pockets
(slowly in order not to frighten the market and not cause growth)
who are not aware of the reversal towards the bull market is already happening!!!

We will definitely be here again,
but please be patient! do not take leverage!!!
do not be afraid!!!

be patient!!!
And happy trading! 


Busimatch 13.06.2022 0 402
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Ik hou van Busimatch want ik ben een professional !!!
13.06.2022 (355 days ago)
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