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05.09.2020 (19 dagen geleden)
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What is CME gap? Why do they fill & how to spot gap on Bitcoin CME chart?

How often have you heard this term “CME gap” on Twitter, Reddit and other social media platforms. People usually refer to CME gaps during and after the weekends.
“There is a CME gap at $9800”, “Bitcoin is about to make a huge gap on the CME chart”, “gap has been filled” and so on.

Traders mind the gaps often. Currently as of writing this article BTC is being traded at $11,000. However it left a gap at $9600. Do you think it will pullback and fill the gap before making any further bullish move?

Anyways; first of all what does CME stands for and what is a CME futures gap? Why it matters to Bitcoin and how do you spot gaps on the Bitcoin chart? Also how are gaps formed in first place and how often do these CME gaps get filled? Here we’ll explain everything in detail.

Before we analyze what Bitcoin price gaps are let’s first see what CME is?

What CME stands for?

CME Group Inc – CME stands for Chicago Mercantile Exchange. It is the world’s largest financial derivatives exchange. This futures platform allows one to trade variety of asset classes like: agricultural products, energy, stock indices, fiat currencies, interest rates, real estates, metals and even they have futures trading options for weather.


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