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This is Blockchaiiiin.

Someone stole 10 Brc Scions

The good thing is that i'm not so stupid.

Here the Images of the Nft's, if you see them. Let me know

Please report the person if you see him.

Here the conversation with the scammer.

The wallet is here...

Here you see the evidence and the Pics of the Nft's. 

Try to get his info: Big reward for who finds him/her

I will find him.
Big reward who tell me who it is.

I will update here to who he sold the Nft's.

this person talked to me in the group as a Thomas.
So maybe you can still see him.

Busimatch 25.04.2023 0 301
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Author and article info.
Ik hou van Busimatch want ik ben een professional !!!
25.04.2023 (218 days ago)
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