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How to stake assets in the hyper pools

The hyper pools consist of different assets that can be staked.
Assets refers to any kind of crypto asset that can be staked in the pool:

- LP tokens (level 1)
- Sphynx tokens (level 2)
- Scion NFTs (level 3)
- Aegis NFTs (level 4)

To stake assets in the pool, find the corresponding hyper pool you want to stake in
and follow the instructions below in the column corresponding to the asset level you want to stake.
Each asset level needs to be staked separately.

Step 1: Click “Approve” – this is only required the first time you interact with each asset in the pool

Step 2: Confirm the spending limit in your wallet. Use Default settings in Metamask for setting the spending limit

Step 3: After approving, “Add” and “Remove” buttons will appear.
Click “Add” and put in the amount of LP you would like to provide in the pool,
after that click “Confirm” and approve in your wallet.

Step 4: Congratulations you have added assets to the pool.

Step 5: You can add more assets or withdraw from the pool using the “Add” and “Remove” buttons.

After staking assets, you will see your staked balance in the overview.

To learn more about the hyper pools, use the /hyperpool command.

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