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BitGert AMA 13 January 2022

Question: Gert. Any manual burn plan for brise
Answer: NO

Question: Is any chance to have the new Road map avaliable before reach 100k Holders?
Answer: Yes, might be possible.

Question: last year you mentioned 500Mcap end of 2021 but doesn't come true, what is your expectation by end of february this year?
Answer: We predict on our development basis, crypto market is not favourable so it's not under our control.

Question: Hi. Are you thinking of a centralized exchange in the long run ??
Answer: Yes, Running a cex for long term is a very profitable business.

Question: Hi will there be futures trading or any sort of leveraged trading on the exchange?
Answer: Yes in future.

Question: Nice, can’t wait to lose my rent money
Answer: I'd suggest you to never do a future trade, it's all manipulated and your positions get hit by stop loss or liquidation price.

Question: What is the situatin with Kucoin and Gate?
Answer: Under process.

Question: what are the advantages bitgert has to offer...??? while many similar projects have been lost in the glitter of the crypto world.
Answer: Delivery, that's where most projects fail

Question: then how bitgert overcome it,?? do you already have a foundation to take care of the problem of costs,??
Answer: We've delivered what we had promised even before the deadline, We don't have any $$ problem :)

Question: What are the news and update will be added to our project from now to march?
Answer: 10+ products and much more exciting things.

Question: @gertsanem would you like to elaborate on what kind of gasless blockchain you will be developing? Proof of work ? Proof of stake? So is that gonna be a surprise for us ?
Answer: it's proof of stake.

Question: Do you have any plants to start launchpad?
Answer: We already have it in our exchange

Question: Will there be flexible staking options instead of fixed terms.
Answer: No

Question: @gertsanem I’m fully invested in Bitgert with over 300 billion Brise times, so I’m just curious, don’t get me wrong but once the Brise payment is out or the third party payment approval is done to pay Brise to websites and e-commerce stores. They’ll still be a 12% tax when people are trying to buy any product/service, wouldn’t that drive people to use a different mode of payment instead because 12% of the transaction can be a lot, especially when the purchase is in 1000s of dollars
Answer: Zero fees, We have a unique working structure for the payment system module.

Question: Cenx and Brise dexes? Can you explain the organisation and differences?
Answer: Both are different, but operated by same team.

Question: What are you still not satisfied with? What do you need to improve?
Answer: We improve everyday, Satisfaction sets a limit.

Question: are there any adjustings on the token fees planned for future payment systems?
Answer: Paybrise will be having zero fee transactions.

Question: Hi Gert are the progress in exchange going well? As you said that it will launch before feb 2022?
Answer: Yes, we've made an announcement recently about this in a tweet.

Question: Why do we need two exchanges?
Answer: We only have one for Bitgert.

Question: So when I buy a product with paybrise I don’t have to pay the 12% tax??
Answer: No, It's Zero Fees. People can also sell BRISE to their relatives and friends by doing a zero fee transfer on Paybrise.

Question: 0 gas fees but the Brise token tax is still applicable?
Answer: Paybrise = Zero Fees. Simple as that

Question: Gert, are we considering trying to get list on cryptocom?
Answer: Yes we have it in our list.

Question: Whats your mcap prediction when exchange launches considering the market trend we have right now?

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