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BitGert AMA 05 April 2022


Question: When binance and kucoin 
Answer: Be patient, It will come at the right time.

Question: We as your loyal holders, will keep the faith for the project you started and will be here till whereever it goes
Answer: Need more strong supporters like you (TUNA DINC), this is the reason Bitgert has come so far.

Question: How are you BOSS
Answer: Great! Full of Energy 

Question: Why price is going down
Answer: Because people booking profits, It's a normal behaviour of any crypto/stock

Question: When you are here feel like we got everything we want.
Answer: :-)

Question: Omniaverse is going pretty well btw.
Answer: Yes, it's a good project

Question: Gert is here to make brise the top 10 blockchain! And he will never stop working hard for us investors !
Answer: No amount of negativity from the haters can stop me, They hate us cuz they ain't us.

Question: Any Shortly upcoming Great plans you are willing to share here as of now Sir ?
Answer: Take a look at the Roadmap v2 and we're also working on mass adoption of our chain

Question: BTXT?
Answer: Good too.

Question: What are the ideas to reduce the supplay and give Brise a real use?
Answer: Reducing supply doesn't help the price, Bringing more investors does.

Question: When do you think our CEX will be fully operational and ready to use ?
Answer: We're under Polygon, BSC and Solana chain testing phase

Question: Gert will Rekt all of them Fuds, negativities and all the none believers …
whoever believe HODL Tight to your precious bags and load up more when you see nice MarketCap!
You will be happy a year from now just like us diamond hands who held sinc last year
Answer: As always! 

Question: @gertsanem How far is the development for the chain to be integrated in CMC and TW?
Answer: there's a process and requirements to get our chain listed on CMC, and it's under process. TW only integrate chains that are atleast 6 months older

Question: @gertsanem you’ve said the other day the good things were ahead, can we get any clue of what’s expecting us in the near future ?
Answer: Not really interested in making more money for greedy traders

Question: Is there a plan to attract large investors?
Answer: We already have large number of investors and we have about 1000+ new investors joining Bitgert everyday

Question: Tier 1 listings still coming?
Answer: It has to come, as we grow, TIER-1 will automatically list us without informing us (ie: Binance, Coinbase)

Question: Use cases for Brise, to make them useful?
Answer: Read the roadmap

Question: @gertsanem ..How can we teach a lesson to OKX?
Answer: We're here to build relationships, they might have listed weaker coins by mistake, but that doesn't mean we behave like a child for not listing us.
We're here to prove our capabilities and our true value, Just a matter of time.

Question: The price will go up and greedy traders still gonna du-mp on us, anything planned to control them Boss?
Answer: Every investor, who is sitting on a big profit, will always sell and thats when the new investors join and it repeat.

Question: @gertsanem why we are slow on Dex integration?
Answer: DEX integration? Our chain is already integrated on Sphynx DEX

Question: I mean to say integration with other Dex(s)
Answer: Dude, be patient it's not like cooking a dinner meal.

Question: @gertsanem when other exchanges will support BRC20 chain for deposit and withdrawal?
Answer: Integrating a chain on CEX require minimum 30 days, So they're all gonna integrate soon

Question: @gertsanem when should we expect kucoin listing?
What happened to the plan of fast forwarding the listing on kucoin? Big daddy(bitcoin) is experiencing strong recovery from lows now..
Answer: Wait for the official announcements, it has a process, they're regulated CEXs and highly monitored by regulators.

Question: @gert any news on a CEO?
Answer: Until the CEX Beta isn't fully live, making a CEO doesn't make sense, so we are working on the exchange for now.

Question: Is it possible to know a potential deadline for that ?

Answer: We decided to make the CEX web version fully live this month end,
But unfortunately issues in the codes popup out of no where, so it's hard to say the exact deadline, as we already have the BETA live so we're working on improving it/

Question: Will the BRC20 network be available in the brise app wallet?
Answer: Yes, we've started the integration process today on Android version

Question: @gertsanem will there be any manual burns as many people ask and it gets annoying thanks
Answer: Yes, You can send your tokens here: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead

Question: Hello @gertsanem
Do you see any advantages and/or disadvantages to recent World Government (EU, UK, USA) attempts/plans to regulate cryptocurrencies?
Thank you sir. Long term investor here.
Answer: It's a good news for crypto

Question: @gertsanem when will we be seeing new launches from the launchpad of brise wallet?
Answer: there isn't any for now as we haven't integrate the BRC chain.


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